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Fisher Field Saved


Fisher Baseball Field Saved!
Tonight at the Los Gatos Union School Board Meeting, the board voted unanimously to explore a revised plan to keep the existing baseball and soccer fields and renovate the track where it is.  The cost would be approximately $3.5 million and include a new design and winterization of the site.  The earliest construction could start is December, and it would last about four months.

Four different options were presented with the following costs:
A. Defer plans and terminate contracts - $500,000
B. Do the “Field of Dreams” but replace the artificial turf inside the track with sod - $5.4 million
C1. Keep the existing baseball and soccer fields and renovate the track starting this fall/winter - $3.5 million
C2. Keep the existing baseball and soccer field, but defer the track to next year - $3.8 million

The board decided to move forward with option C1, as the “Field of Dreams” was not financially possible and although looked good on paper,  may not have been very practical.  Moving the track would have put it closer to water, locker rooms and bathrooms.  

The board did ask that field events (shotput, long jump, discus, etc.) which were included in the costs be added to the plans.  They also asked that the following additions be explored: gopher wiring, water fountains near the track and a better track surface.  Fisher Principal Lisa Fraser also suggested to Little League that a removable pitching mound, grading of the lawn and removable home run fences would make the baseball field more usable for Fisher students during the school day.

The next step is to get more detailed costs and plans, which need to be reviewed for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act(DSA).  The board has until November 21when the current contract prices expire.  The next board meeting is October 16.

Thanks to those who spoke so eloquently for baseball tonight and to all of you for your support!  It looks like we’ve successfully saved Fisher Baseball Field!

by Master Admin posted 09/19/2017
SAVE Fisher Field Meeting - Monday 9/18!

Los Gatos Baseball Families,

We are, again in need of your help tomorrow evening 9/18!  The LGUSD & Board of Trustees(BOT) will be discussing the Fisher Field Presentation.  

We made great strides at the 9/5 meeting by convincing the BOT to step back and take a pause on any further decisions on the field until more information was provided.

Tomorrow night - the discussion resumes and we NEED all of you to come, once again, and show this Board that the Los Gatos Baseball community stands together to keep this very important field for our kids..

Please join us at 6:30pm tomorrow(9/18) at the LGUSD District Office 17010 Roberts Rd.  Come in your baseball/softball jerseys as a sign of solidarity...  

If you have not signed the petition please do so, every little thing helps.  Share this email with all your friends....

by Master Admin posted 09/17/2017
Save The Date - 9/18/17


Save The Date!

Once again the Los Gatos Baseball Community needs to come together to show the LGUSD & School Board of Trustees(BOT) just how important baseball & the Fisher baseball field is!

Please save the date 9/18/17, 6:30pm

@ LGUSD District Office - 17010 Roberts Rd.

We made a step in the right direction at the 9/5 meeting - we just need to keep the momentum up and show the BOT how much we care!  Thank you in advance for all your continued support - please share this email with your friends..


**a new logo has been created to represent the Los Gatos Baseball Community - Little Leaguers, Softball players, Juniors/Pony players, LGHS ball players and Alumni!  

Support Los Gatos Baseball!

by Master Admin posted 09/13/2017
A Message from the Los Gatos Little League Board of Directors

Los Gatos Little League (LGLL) has been an active partner on the Fisher Fields Improvements Project for over 2 years.  We recognize that the Fisher fields need improvement and have been working, raising money and committing LGLL funds to make this a reality.  During this time, the Los Gatos Union School District had committed to helping provide a baseball field.

The budgeted project was sent out to bid in June, only 2 bids came back on June 20th. The Board of Trustees(BOT) didn't open these bids, returned them, and asked again for new bids to be delivered on July 27th.  Given the current environment where construction costs and labor shortages are at an all time high, they received quotes that were nearly $1.5M over budget for the base scope. This would leave half of the Fisher fields in disarray with half of the existing track to remain in place, no baseball field and no infrastructure for a baseball field.  We now see an opportunity for the BOT to rethink how a fully funded solution, one which encompasses the needs of everyone, can be accomplished.

We feel strongly that this scaled down plan is not the solution.  Fisher definitely needs a new track; why not improve it in its current location?

We urge the BOT to pause in their schedule of implementation and reconsider a fully funded solution, one that the entire community can get behind.  As a more fiscally responsible approach, the district could refurbish the existing track, fields and other infrastructure at a fraction of the cost and stay under budget. In this scenario, LGLL would continue to partner with the district to make some additional improvements to the existing baseball field and supporting infrastructure. This would enable all parties to achieve their desired results.

LGLL Board of Directors

by Master Admin posted 09/04/2017
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